We have received questions from our community from time to time on issues they faced when playing DDC or when redeeming DDC free chips. Therefore, here we publish an FAQ article to summarize the key questions raised and our suggested answers to them.

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Where can I get promotion codes for DoubleDown Casino free chips?
How do I redeem promotion codes of DoubleDown Casino?
Where do I enter the 7-digit manual codes in DoubleDown Casino to redeem free chips?
Is it possible to get promo codes for 1 million of DoubleDown Casino free chips?
Are there ways to earn even more chips?
Is there a way to redeem multiple chips in one session, instead of loading them one at a time?
What are free spins?
How do I use free spins?
What is DoubleDown Casino?


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Is DoubleDownPromotion associated with DoubleDown Casino?

We are not affiliates or partners of DoubleDown and we do not make any commission from DoubleDown. This is only a website created by a group of fans to help fellow players of DoubleDown Casino. If you have any promo codes to share, or if you have any chips related questions, please feel free to contact us at contact@doubledownpromotion.com.