Doubledown 1 Million Chips promo codes

How to get 1 million free chips in Doubledown Game?

Hello everyone , I would like to thank you for being part of this community. I hope you all enjoy our daily updates of double down promo codes. Today I would like to share ( if you don’t know it yet ) how you to get 1 million free chips in double down. Doubledown is away better when you have more friends! You can maximize your daily wheel bonus and friend bonus by sending each other gifts every day.

We used to share this guide on our facebook page and a lot of people reported issues and had complains that they invitedĀ  friends to play Double Down and that friend indeed joined but they never received their 1 million chips. Indeed this is frustrating.We are sorry if this happened to you but there is nothing we can do about this, it all depends on the doubledown . If you think all steps were followed and you do not get your chips, write to DDC. Be sure to include the name of the friend you invited. If you did not try this or you didn’t know anything about this way to get 1 million promo codes follow me.

Go to Double Down and open the gifts console after that click the invite friends.

After you click invite friends a new window will pop up, this is where you can select the friends you want to invite to join Doubledown . This is where you will see a list of your friends who don’t play ddc , on the right side of the Name you will see a button “SEND” click that to invite your friend. After you are done inviting your friends to join click DONE

1 Million Free Chips

Doubledown will reward you with 1 Million Free Chips when you refer a friend to join DDC. But your friend must click into game using your invite. This way you will barely get any friend to join the game through your invite. But to raise your chances for success i would suggest you that when you invite a friend to join Double Down you send them a message and tell them about your invite to encourage them to join ddc through your invitation.This method won’t work if your friend is not NEW TO THE GAME.

If your friend just downloads and start playing ddc from another source rather then your invitation you won’t receive your 1 Million Free Chips. If you do this correctly and the friend you invite joins the doubledown through your invitation you will get a notification and you will get a pop up in the game announcing your free chips.

How to invite a friend using the Doubledown app for smartphones

Open the Double Down mobile application and log in to your Facebook connected account after that in the main lobby you will see the Friends icon , click that. After that click the Invite Friends Button. In the next page you will see a list of your Facebook friends that you can invite to join.To select the ones you want to invite Tap. The icon on the right will change to a check mark to indicate you have selected them. To look for a specific friend to invite use the search more friends at the top of app. Tap the SEND button to proceed when you are done selecting your friends.

The invitation must be sent directly from within DoubleDown Casino 
to receive 1 million free chips.

The friends you selected and send a invite to join the Double Down will receive invitation via Facebook. After that you will have to wait for the one million free chips to roll in your account. In order to make sure you get the bonus, your friends must click on your Facebook notification, accept your request, and install the game. If your friend accepts the invitation from their mobile device, they must download the app, run it, and sign in to their Facebook account for you to receive your reward.

Happy Gaming!!

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