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All About Double Down Promo Codes

If you are looking for Double Down promo codes, you are in the right place!

With over 7.6 million likes on Facebook and over 10 million downloads on Google Play store, DoubleDown is a very popular social game playable on both PC and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

DoubleDown features hundreds of slots games and card games. All games are SOCIAL only, free to play, and involves no real money. The games are of great entertainment and you can enjoy the excitement without risking any money.

As you stumble across this site, we are sure you have already spent some considerable amount of time playing these evergreen, entertaining games on DoubleDown. DoubleDown is a 7 years old Facebook game and we have been working on providing DoubleDown promo codes continuously since 2014.

We have helped countless players with the convenience of redeeming free chips via our offering of promotion codes. Our team actively looks for DoubleDown promo codes across various websites and aggregate them on a single page for our community’s convenience.

Thanks to your support, we have now gathered a decent follower base on Facebook and Pinterest!

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How to Get DoubleDown Codes

Getting DoubleDown promotion codes could be quite a cumbersome task.

The promotion codes are provided via multiple official channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. At any given time during the day, the DoubleDown official publisher releases a promo code through one of these channels. It is unpredictable when and where will the codes be published.

In order to capture the DoubleDown promo codes, one will have to track all channels and follow each of them very closely. Well…that doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do.

As a result, DoubleDownPromotion is here to create a platform that facilitates our gamers. We track all channels throughout the day and list all promo codes on a single page. This saves you time and lets you focus on playing DoubleDown game, while we do the rest of the work.

We are committed to making multiple updates every day, 7 days a week. Yes, you read it right, we work around the clock, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK to keep this site updated.

What’s more? Our site is completely FREE. We do not charge for the services we provide. If you like our site, we hope you can recommend our website and social media pages to your friends. Having more visitors to our site is the best way you can do to support our effort.

Lastly, we want to give each of you a big “Thank you” for being a loyal visitors to our site since our inception in 2014.

How to Redeem Double Down Codes?

We received feedback from time to time that players are unable to redeem the Double Down codes. Before you ended up spending extra money in buying virtual chips in the game, let us help by providing an illustration of the redemption process.

Also note that we have provided the Double Down promo links in 4 different versions (PC, iOS, Android, and manual codes) so that all types of users can be playing DoubleDown and using our promo codes with no issues.

Without further ado, below are the steps to redeem the DoubleDown codes!

Navigate to “DDC Codes” Tab

From our main page, navigate to the menu bar on top and select “DDC Codes” (see the screenshot below).

You may also feel free to navigate to other menu options and explore the various blog articles on our site relating to the DoubleDown game.

double down codes

After selecting “DDC Codes”, you will be redirected to the promo code page. There, you will find all the most recent DoubleDown promo codes updated at different dates and time throughout the last 7 days. The promo codes are listed in descending order.

Most of the codes will be valid for 12 hours after the updated time. Sometime, the codes are valid for more than 12 hours, while a handful of them may expire in 6 hours. As a general advice, we recommend you to try clicking on every code that you have never redeemed before. Maybe you will be able to get some of the longer-dated promo codes redeemed!

We usually keep 7 to 14 days of codes on our DDC page and remove the older ones to keep our page always up-to-date.

Double Down Promo Codes

Use the Promo Code Link

From the above screenshot, in the first tab, you can see the coupon value (e.g. 250K) and the time stamp. You may then navigate to the various tabs based on the devices you will be using.

If you are playing DoubleDown on PC, click on the “PC Link” tab.
If you are playing DoubleDown on mobile devices, click on the “IOS/IPAD/Android Link” tab.

We have also provided direct link which can be used for both PC and Mobile users. Hence you may try that too regardless of whether you are a PC or mobile users.

We also include Manual codes as unique identifiers of each promo code redeem link.

Double Down codes

After selecting the tab, you can see the link to redeem the promo codes.

Click on the link which will redirect you to DoubleDown’s official page. On DoubleDown’s official page, you will first receive the daily bonus chips (the amount is based on the number of Facebook friends who is also playing the DoubleDown game). Then, click on the collect button and you can collect bonus chips like screenshot below:


Double down codes


Congratulations! You have now got your rewards and has extra chips to continue the game!

We hope this article is useful. Please share with your fellow games and bookmark our website. We also strongly encourage you to subscribe to our daily email list and follow our Facebook page.

Happy Gaming! Enjoy and keep playing! =)


(We will monitor the page layout and provide update on the instructions from time to time)

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